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District Resources

District Activities Form:

E-mail the ADC(Activities) .

District Nights Away Form:

E-mail the District Nights Away Adviser .

Activities Check Lists

Beaver Scouts    Click Here

Cub Scouts    Click Here

Scout & Explorer Scouts    Click Here


Maidenhead InTouch Guidelines    Click Here

SA InTouch Factsheet - Fs120075     Click Here

HQ Resources

Member Resources Home Page

Policy Organisation & Rules - P.O.R.

Fact Sheets Applicable to All Activities

Activities Fact Sheets Index

Planning an Outing for Beaver Scouts - Fs155052     Click Here

Scout Led Activities Index - Fs120084     Click Here

Commercially Led Activities Index - Fs120086     Click Here


Risk Assessment - Fs120000    Click Here

Home Contact - Fs120078     Click Here (Use for Nights Away)

Accidents - A Guide to Reporting for Leaders & Commissioners     Click Here

Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme

Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme - Fs120100     Click Here

Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme - Applicants' Guide - Fs120101     Click Here

Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme - Application Form - Download     Click Here

Fact Sheets Applicable to Popular Activities

Canoeing - Fs120651     Click Here

Caving - Fs120451     Click Here

Climbing (Single Pitch) - Fs120452     Click Here

Climbing (Multi-Pitch) - Fs120453     Click Here

Hill Walking - Fs120454     Click Here

Kayaking - Fs120654     Click Here

Mountain Biking - Fs120456     Click Here

Power Boating - Fs120659     Click Here

Pulling - Fs120660     Click Here

Skiing - Fs120457     Click Here

Caving - Fs120451     Click Here

Snowboarding - Fs120458     Click Here

Swimming - Fs120620     Click Here

Fact Sheets Social Issue Policies relevant to Camps, Expeditions etc.

Alcohol and Scouting - Fs185092     Click Here

The right to smoke-free Scouting - Fs320005     Click Here

Scout Association Information and Resources

Information and Resources    Click Here

Appointment Forms

Adult information form etc.    Click Here

Leader Information

Local campsites.    Click Here
Local activities.    Click Here
Quartermaster supplies    Click Here
List District Equipment    Click Here

List District Beaver Resourses    Click Here

GSL Information

Group Roles.    Click Here Doc format    Click Here PDF format
Adult personal file Click Here
Training proforma document Click Here (GSL Training Review Form - New Leaders rev 2.doc).
                   This only applies to section leaders and assistant leaders, not managers.
Appointments Process Click Here PDF format
Training Modules New Leaders / Switching Roles Click Here PDF format

Group AGM Detailed Agenda Click Here Word format

Geoff Hill Fund

Activities.    Click Here
International.    Click Here
Development    Click Here

Geoff Hill Application Form International Click here
Geoff Hill Application Form Activities and Development Click here

Taplow Lake - Engage Water Sports

District Details of using Taplow Lake .    Click Here
Engage Water Sports District booking Form
Taplow Lake Reclaim Form    Click Here

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