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Explorer Scouts - Questions and Answers

Q: Do I have to attend every week?
No, one of the main principles of Explorer Scouts is the flexibility. To be a member of Explorer Scouts in Maidenhead all you have to do is pay your termly subs and attend 1 meeting per term. You are obviously welcome to attend as many meetings as you want.

Q: Can I only attend meetings at my designated unit?
Once again this is where the flexible approach of Explorer Scouts comes in. The programmes for all the Explorer Scout units will be on this website. You can attend meetings, expeditions etc. at any of the four units providing that you are a member of Maidenhead Explorer Scouts as outlined above. For some meetings there may be a cost involved, you may require a certain level of expertise or numbers may be limited. It will however be clearly stated on the programme if any of these apply.

Q: How much will it cost me and how will I pay?
You will pay 20 per term to the Scout District. This will cover Capitation (the amount we have to pay to the National Scout Association) and rental for the buildings we use, along with basic running costs. Any activities that have a cost attached to them will be charged on a pay as you come basis, these costs will be noted on the programme.

The cost may vary slightly, Mid Thames Sea Explorers for instance have a number of up-front costs for club memberships etc, so their termly subs will be more to cover this, other units may use fund-raising in conjunction with Scout Groups to reduce the subs.

We would prefer that the subs were paid by direct debit at the beginning of term, but cheques paid at the first meeting that you attend will be accepted.

The subs that we are proposing, 20, have been set with income from Gift Aid in mind. If Explorers parents are tax payers they can agree the District can claim Gift Aid on the subs from the Tax Man. This is currently worth 28p for every pound you pay in subs, and it doesn't cost you a penny! If Gift Aid forms are not forthcoming we will be forced to raise subs!

Q: Will we have to wear uniform?
Scouting is a uniformed organisation and there is an Explorer Scout uniform which you will be expected to own. Most meetings will however be informal with no formal uniform requirements. You will be expected to wear uniform on ceremonial occasions such as St Georges Day Parade and Remembrance Day. The uniform is available from the Maidenhead Scout Shop, Click Here for details.

Q: Which Explorer Scouts Unit can I join?
The simple answer is ANY!

For linking purposes (moving from Scouts to Explorers) however the following will apply

Scout Troop Explorer Scout Unit
Boyne Hill Altwood Dragons
Bray and Holyport Dragons
1st Cookham Cookham
Furze Platt Dragons
1st Maidenhead Mid Thames Sea
9th Maidenhead Dragons
13th Maidenhead 13th Maidenhead
18th Maidenhead 13th Maidenhead
19th Maidenhead Dragons
21st Maidenhead Cox Green
Pinkneys Green Dragons

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If you would like more information, please email explorers@maidenheadscouts.co.uk

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